Project Description

In the Spring of 2014, EventStreams had the privilege of meeting some inspirational young people from the Middle East who are showing the world that PEACE IS POSSIBLE. Through a shared passion for the sport of Ultimate (Frisbee), teens from Christian, Muslim and Jewish backgrounds are not only getting along – but building genuine friendships and inspiring their communities, in one of the most politically charged regions in the world.

Talk of religion and politics while on the field is deliberately avoided. Instead, the team turns their focus to the challenges that come with working together. One of the organization’s founders, David Barkan, from San Francisco, California, took the time to explain the team’s mission:

“It’s about humans getting together. It’s not about Jews, it’s not about Arabs, it’s not about Palestinians, it’s not about Muslims – It’s about people getting along…Peace is truly the mission,”

Although the political unrest in the Middle East continues, Ultimate Peace remains hopeful yet realistic about their goals as a team. Tearing down the cultural barriers that have divided the Middle East for centuries won’t happen overnight, but we can hope that these young people – the leaders of the future- will inspire a little change throughout their communities and the world.