We’ve all seen examples of online training, from higher education and eLearning to corporate training. It’s progressive, connects corporate staff levels and grows all involved. With the growth of learning and training online, it’s important to use effective best practices when creating an e-learning video or training video.

Dunwoody GA corporate video productionHigh production quality is essential to meet consumer expectations and sustain viewership. With affordable video cameras and editing software on the market, it can be tempting to take a do-it-yourself approach. However, a low-quality video can fail to make the right connection with your audience, and ultimately not give you the results you desire. With that final outcome in mind, professional video production is a worthwhile expense. And it actually can be a cost saver, especially when comparing it to the time and financial costs of sending staff out of town to training seminars. There are continual business needs for corporate employee training programs, such as staff knowledge transfer, employee growth and corporate introductory presentations. So why not harness the power of high-quality custom videos?

In the video production process, a compelling, and engaging presentation can greatly affect your audience’s learning experience. You need to understand your target audience to speak directly to them. Put yourself in the viewers’ shoes: what’s the best way to convey the information and maintain their interest? (You don’t want to have anyone nod off during your training video!)

To keep the viewer engaged, here are three important elements:

  • Develop interesting, inspired content – Of course, relevant content is key. The content should be presented in a way that motivates and inspires the viewer while educating them.
  • Use exciting graphics and visual effects – Not only can exciting graphics increase viewer interest and interactivity, they can reinforce major points, particularly to visual learners. Visual interest can be enhanced with lighting, camera angles and transitions.
  • Use an engaging and skilled speaker or moderator – Knowledge experts may not always be the best presenters for content. Speakers and actors can deliver a natural and compelling performance to perfect the video and strength of communication. When using a panel format, use a strong moderator to bring out the best from the panelists and to navigate the audience through the complicated subject matter. Of course initial information sharing from the SMEs (subject matter experts) is still essential for starter blocks.

Sandy Springs online training video production GeorgiaWhen all of these production elements are brought together, a video can successfully train employees at any level. Since videos can be so powerful, it is smart to create them to serve various viewer learning styles. As mentioned above, exciting graphics can hit points home with visual learners and skilled speakers can connect well with auditory learners. A good video production company can also produce a script that caters to these different audiences — for example integrating instruction exercises for kinesthetic or hands-on learners. And of course videos can strategically break apart more sections for varied levels of knowledge. This can achieve better learning results than by teaching a live, single audience simultaneously (an audience of different company-awareness learning levels) in a classroom environment. Dividing long online training videos into shorter chapters can also improve the overall experience for the user.

Powerful video production elements, audience awareness, information focus, scripting and varied learning levels – these are the factors for video value and production. Use them and achieve maximum effect with your online corporate training!

If you have any thoughts about best practices for video production, we gladly welcome your questions and comments. Let’s connect and discuss the best custom video communications approach for your company!