YouTube eLearning videos can grow corporate training as well as brand promotion!

We’ve all seen the positive effects of training video clips online. We’ve probably all searched for “How To” or DIY info for good video results; it’s easy to see the benefits for viewers. But you may not realize that YouTube eLearning videos can also boost your company’s search engine results. Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine? And that your customers can even see your videos in traditional Google search results? When you have industry expert videos online, you achieve greater search benefits, in addition to the impact and power of video itself on your audience.

Let’s say your business is in car parts, and you post a video explaining specific car parts, their location in automobiles and their function. You post this video on YouTube or Vimeo online video channels. Not only can such eLearning educate your staff and customers, but this video shows up in search results – meaning your company has another footprint. You’ll be found in YouTube search results, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest (if you promoted it there) and even straight organic Google results for the keywords. So your company gets more online exposure, knowledge expertise projection, clicks and leads. Not bad, right?

Atlanta video production

A company’s eLearning videos improves its brand image as industry expert, as well as increasing search engine results.

Leadership – specifically knowledge leadership – can be an essential brand attribute and be the edge for the best sales and customer relationships. And what better way than eLearning to convey this industry expertise? Education is the path to portraying knowledge depth and sophistication. ELearning done right is easy for prospects to find, and it simplifies purchasing decisions. Who would you rather buy your next IT server from – the company that has no online video communications or the industry leader in eLearning for IT server models and configurations?

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