We are thrilled to announce that ES is a Telly-Award-Winner for two Holiday Videos produced in 2015, and we figured what better time to share our news than on the cusp of the holiday season?!

Telly Awards

To learn more about this awards program, visit http://tellyawards.com.

The Telly Awards receive submission from video-creatives around the globe (with over 12,000 entries from 5 continents) and bestow the best of the best with a fancy silver or bronze statue and a hefty metaphorical pat on the back. It’s pretty darn exciting to see that notice in your inbox, proclaiming that your video was a winner!

The awards are open to outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs, in addition to film productions and web commercials. All entries are judged on individual merit (which means we are not competing against Avatar or Interstellar, which would likely reduce our odds for a win significantly).

This year we won 2 Bronze Telly Awards for the Novelis 2014 Holiday Video that we produced in conjunction with our friends at Realm (a collection of talented B2B marketing and branding wizards). We received Telly’s for our video in 2 categories: Non-broadcast Productions: Corporate Image and Employee Communications, and Online Video Cause Marketing. (Think feel-good warm and fuzzy holiday commercial meets corporate communications *cue the fake snow*).

With the holiday season comes the perfect opportunity for our clients to really get creative with their internal and external communication efforts. EventStreams generally produces between 5-10 holiday videos each year for our clients. Content can range from employees sharing their favorite holiday stories, to company-sponsored volunteer opportunities, or perhaps a corporate exec sending a heartfelt-holiday-shout-out to their global teams and partners. Either way it’s an awesome opportunity to celebrate the hard work of the past year and toss away the TPS reports for a second to focus on the things that really matter.

We also received a Telly for the 2014 ES Holiday video. Bestowed with a bronze in Online Comedy Video, The Goats of Christmas Present didn’t turn out too baaaaadddd after all (at least according to the judges.) Company COO, Nate Haskell described how the team turns up the holiday spirit for the annual video-card. “It’s a super collaborative process, where the entire team becomes ultra-creative with ideas, many of which are far-fetched and never make it past the concept phase. If we had time and budget, you would be amazed at some of the ideas.”  Haskell also commented that he really does have a neighbor with singing goats, but we’ll let you decide for yourself…

We’ve already begun preproduction on our 2015 holiday video and are very excited to get shooting underway in the next couple of weeks. Be sure to stay tuned for our December newsletter to see the final product!

Of course as always, please feel free to reach out to EventStreams if you are interested in making the spirits brighter with your own holiday video. We’d be happy to set up a brain-blizzard with your team and jingle around some ideas and strategies for your communications goals.